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Gannett's Ledyard King provides some more interesting details in this article in the Federal Times:

Federal Times:
TSA disciplines 43 screeners over lax security

By Ledyard King, Gannett Washing Bureau
Last Updated:June 5, 2012

A short quote:
The 43, a combination of front-line screeners and supervisors, represent about 15 percent of the roughly 280 TSA employees at the airport. The number of workers involved makes it one of the largest disciplinary actions TSA has taken in its 10-year history, TSA spokesman David Castelveter confirmed.

Click the link and read the full article - it includes an explanation from Billie Vincent, a former security director for the Federal Aviation Administration, explaining why TSA's failing to do the random checks was a security failure.
My favorite quote from the article:

Castelveter said it's important to note that every person who flew through the airport was screened.

"It's the random secondary [check] that did not happen," he said. "At no time was a traveler's safety at risk and there was no impact on flight operations."

So why do we have random secondary checks?
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