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Originally Posted by miniliq View Post
Seat 2A -- Well yes, I did spend a lot of time with OAGs, mostly the International edition and the corresponding fare manual (what was it called?). Business took me to far away places, and in the days of regulation I would look for ways to use the "miles" you paid for, using hidden cities, obscure routes etc. Sort of a precursor to today's mileage runs, but without all of the computer aids.
I was a bit young for international travel back in the 60s and early 70s, but once I learned how to use the Joint Fares Tariff, I stretched my domestic routings all over the country. My best was a ticket from New York to Denver using three airlines (PI, EA and BN) and 11 flights (EWR-ORF-ILM-ATL-MEM-LIT-FSM-TUL-OKC-DFW-OKC-DEN) for $3.00 less than the nonstops on UA and TW.

On to the questions - miniliq is correct on questions 1,2 and 7. Delta had quite a sizeable operation out of Chicago, perhaps a connection to its old Chicago and Southern roots... Northwest still operated its 707-320s on many of its Chicago to Florida services as well.

As to Cattle Airlines's answers, Sabena did indeed once fly between Montreal and Chicago with a 707 but not as of March 15, 1974 - the OAG I was using. It was a different airline then...

On question 6 regarding the DC-10 on the LAS-SFO route, the DC-10 was flown LAS-SFO only, not SFO-LAS, but it was not Northwest who did not yet fly into Las Vegas as of 1974.

Good effort all and thanks for the additional questions!
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