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This quiz is geared towards those of us who actually enjoyed reading the OAG as a serious work of non-fiction. Every few months I used to go through the entire OAG and write down where every wide-bodied aircraft operated in the U.S. Airline geek, you say? Yeah sure but what the hey – it sure was fun (and still is…)!

While serious airline historians will likely be bored senseless by these questions (My apologies to WHBM whose questions and answers have contributed greatly to the enjoyment of this thread. I’ll try to research some U.S. airline history questions next time.) some of you obvious fans of old timetables and schedules might get a kick out of testing your memory. See if you can name the airlines related to the routes below. My reference source is the March 15, 1974 edition of the North American OAG.

1. Although most airlines flew between Chicago and Ft. Lauderdale with 727s and DC-9s, this airline offered twice daily DC-10 service. Which airline was it?

2. This airline offered twice daily nonstop 747 service between Chicago and Miami.

3. Daily 747 nonstops between Chicago and Montreal were offered by this airline.

4. This airline’s 747 would depart Miami each day at 4:00pm bound for Cleveland.

5. Each day at 1:15pm, this airline’s 747 would depart Miami bound for Detroit.

6. Flight 27 between Las Vegas and San Francisco was operated by this airline’s DC-10.

7. This airline offered the only daily 747 nonstop between Los Angeles and San Francisco. (Real geeks know that PA had a few 747s on this run, but they were conditional stopover traffic only. We’re talking about an airline and flight anyone could book.)

8. Back when most houses in Detroit sold for more than $5.00, this airline offered a single daily nonstop 747 to Los Angeles.

9. Every Friday evening at 6:55pm, this airline’s 747 departed Houston Intercontinental nonstop to Los Angeles International.

10. This airline offered twice daily DC-10 service on the 260 mile route between Palm Springs and Phoenix.

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