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Hm... let's examine the Telephone game being played by the news organizations here:

The Politico article says "The employees were dismissed for not conducting random, supplemental screening operations during 2011, according to NBC2."

This makes it sound like they were not conducting the searches they were supposed to be conducting.

But the NBC2 article's exact words (repeated verbatim in the ABC7 article) are "According to the TSA, an investigation determined that some of the employees did not follow the proper procedure for applying random, supplemental screening procedures during an isolated period last year."

This is an entirely different proposition. Not following proper procedure for applying random searches could mean a LOT of different things - including selecting only attractive females for pat-downs, or perhaps "profiling" only people with certain skin tones or certain ethnic appearances, or even targeting only people who failed to respect TSA's authoritah.

So, I'm wondering if maybe some of the blatant abuses of authority and knowing departures from proper procedure that we've heard reported here on FT over the last few years have finally caught up with at least a few bad apples.
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