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Originally Posted by SWCPHX View Post
Exactly. However, from skimming the thread, it does appear that somebody has gained access to or used the OPs credit card number which is technically identity theft.
It is unknown how come the reservation ended up from the OP's account. It could be an error at IHGs side or due to events by the person booking. There isn't necessarily any crime committed.

If the error was on IHGs part, then when the person checked in and was asked if he wanted to use card on file, then saying yes is not identity theft from what I can see

At the moment reporting it as a crime by OP is like reporting to police that a theft from a shop has occurred since someone was seen leaving a shop with goods. No police officer would report that as a crime without substantiation

It is not that uncommon for hotels to mess up. I have stayed at a Jumeirah hotel where , when I checked in, they had Sirius details of someone else on my booking; I never used a number to book and no idea how it occurred. I didn't do anything about it and so the other person probably got some sirius points from my stay ; was that id theft?
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