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Originally Posted by Dave Noble View Post
There is not necessarily a crime; if the potential victim (IHG) is unconcerned then it is not a crime. That points came out of the account can just be a mistake and IHG has rectified it. As the end person, there isn't evidence of a crime, only evidence of points being withdrawn

How can you report a crime if it is not determined that there has been a crime?
Exactly. However, from skimming the thread, it does appear that somebody has gained access to or used the OPs credit card number which is technically identity theft.

Originally Posted by catharsis View Post
One does not report crimes - one reports facts or possibly 'potential crimes'. It is very unusual for it to be absolutely determined that a crime has definitely been committed when the first reports relating to the event are made. Many crimes only become crimes depending on the state of mind or motivation of the person carrying out the actions, which cannot be known to the police.

Example: Death is not a crime. Killing someone is not (necessarily) a crime. Murder is a crime. However a person can be acquitted of murder when a court/jury determine that no crime was committed as that person acted in self-defence.

Police forces do not necessarily get to decide whether or not a given set of facts represent a crime. DAs (and sometimes jurys) also carry out that function.
True, but good luck getting a beat cop to write a report about something that they probably have no clue about. Burglary, robbery, homicide, assault, those are all pretty cut and dried reports, identity theft and fraud, however, are two different animals. Unless the OP is out anything material I can almost guarantee that a beat cop isn't going to take a report and will chalk it up to no victim no crime. I've had my credit card numbers used fraudulently before and never once made an identity theft report, why because I notified the credit card company, charges were revoked, new card was issued, problem solved. I'm not out any money and whether or not Visa or AmEx or MasterCard want to investigate a "crime" amounting to $75 or so worth of bad Chinese food and clothing is their decision.
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