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Originally Posted by catharsis View Post
Police have no business making statements like these.

you are reporting a crime.
1. One does not need to be the victim to report a crime (murder anyone?!)
2. One does not need to be at financial loss to remain the victim of a crime (sorry officer, but since you got my money back from this mugger when you caught up with him I am 'mad whole' and so there is no way for me to press charges)

the police may well be correct that you can not press charges, but have no business telling you that you cannot make a report - they would appear to be trying to avoid paperwork.
There is not necessarily a crime; if the potential victim (IHG) is unconcerned then it is not a crime. That points came out of the account can just be a mistake and IHG has rectified it. As the end person, there isn't evidence of a crime, only evidence of points being withdrawn

How can you report a crime if it is not determined that there has been a crime?
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