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The easy answer is "First Class Monetization". DL has proactively been getting people to pay for first that otherwise would be given out as upgrades to elites. In some cases the charges are very small ($25) or even negative as in your case - it all depends on the fare rules and availability for your specific set of flights.

A P fare is essentially the same as an A fare. It's a coach ticket with an instant upgrade. Make sure you select a seat. If it's a 757, pick one in rows 3 or 4 to avoid problems with a last minute equipment swap to one with a different configuration with fewer seats in first. Technically if you get rerouted or have IROPS they can seat you in coach. I think it would take some extraordinary circumstances, but it can happen.

As for the BE designation, I think it has to do with the flight number originating from an international flight. Your 757 with 7 rows in F will be standard domestic service without fancy seats. Some of the domestic 75's have annoying little foot rests, though.
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