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Originally Posted by NJUPINTHEAIR View Post
OP --

Just what credit card was on file? One of yours? If so, this is identity theft, and it is mail and wire fraud -- I do not know if the Houston PD knows this portion of the story, but I believe you are a victim as you neither gave consent nor knew of this indiviidual using your credit card to permit him entry to the room. It is an unauthroized use of the credit card and that is a crime.

Furthermore, the hotel has some real explaining to do as you indicated that they decline one credit card, but then authorize another's use, presumably with a different name. This is pure negligence, at the very least.

Keep us posted, as you ought to call the hotel again and get names, etc.
Ding ding ding, winner. The hotel employee who allowed charges to your card without. proper id, as well as the guy who bought the room (of course he would say charge it to. card on file, he knows it isn't his) both are at fault in unauthorized charges to your card. Also, as much as some people scoff at the idea, I think you should have some. extra PC points on top of your refunded points for their bungling of the situation. Or, you know, for being kind enough to not press charges for credit card fraud. And yeah, your account has definitely been comprimised, this was not an honest mixup.
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