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Originally Posted by GetawaysRus View Post
You are not alone:

Your situation is probably different than mine, however. Although PC never gave me a name, I am 99.9% certain that my unauthorized user was my ex-wife. I know that because I noticed that the home address listed in my PC account changed to an address located in the town where she lives after an unauthorized reservation was made. This has taken me quite some time, and many phone calls, to resolve. In the end, I have had to change my PC online password, change the phone number I use for my PC account, and even change my PC account number. Changing my PC account number turned out to be a big hassle because it was difficult to get Chase to change the PC account number that my PC Chase VISA points flow into. But I hope I've got it all straightened out now....
did the person get to stay and the pts come out of your account?
did you get them back.
PC seems better than qantas a friend of mines x wife moved 100k 2 yrs running , when he called to get them back they said as she had the pin no and moved them online they could not draw them back
seemed odd to me so i called them as his secretary and they gave me the same answer. cant claw them back.
unfortunately he didnt know her new pin so couldnt do the reverse.
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