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I did say a while back on this thread that I would dig out a parallel to Seat2A's recent trip from Fairbanks through San Francisco, then on Cathay through Hong Kong to Johannesburg. I looked at 1971, 41 years ago

Have to say it couldn't really be done that way. The start is great, because BOAC (who actually had a minority ownership of Cathay in those days) did nonstop from Anchorage to Tokyo three days a week on a 707 (coming through from London, of course), and although this flight went on to Osaka it always connected directly into another BOAC 707 that went on through Hong Kong and westwards across Asia, various stops but making progress.

However the issue is getting down into Africa. BOAC served Cairo on both Asian and African routes, but none of the relevant flights stopped there, and there is no real connection possible short of going through to London and starting back again. There's an Air India 707 a couple of times a week from Bombay down to Nairobi, but even connecting to that ends up wasting a day at each end.

Far and away better is the other way round. If you can get down to Anchorage BA 851 leaves at 1145 on say a Saturday. I don't think you get much food straight away as the transit passengers coming from Tokyo have had breakfast served on the ground at Anchorage. On across the Arctic, there is a Main Meal served before arrival into London at 0630, at the old Oceanic Building in those days (nowadays half of Terminal 3). Where I'm afraid you need a 12 hour layover, as there were no daylight flights on to Jo'burg (and still generally aren't). You can't get the Underground into London to do some sightseeing because it wasn't built yet, but the BOAC double decker coach would take you on to their own 1930s-built terminal near London Victoria station (nowadays this building is a tax office, still with the old bus arrival spot there !).

It's a Sunday in 1971 London so just about everything in London will be closed, including almost all the tourist attractions

Back out (by special bus again) to Heathrow for a 2015 departure, and this time there's a real positive - it's a VC10. A Standard type, not a Super, and a few hops along the way. First over to Frankfurt, where many BOAC flights stopped, to load up Central European passengers, they manage to serve dinner on this short sector.Just 45 minutes turnround and then on to Nairobi for 8 am the following morning. There's breakfast before arrival there, and lunch on the last leg on to Johannesburg, where you land at 1140. There's another BOAC VC10 operated as a duplicate about an hour later, which has served different intermediate points along the way.

Travel 1971 style.
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