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Originally Posted by miniliq View Post
Have to give it a try -- TWA from LAS. In 1974 they did five flights/wk from LAS-JFK, then LAS-EWR the other two days, using a B707 (and used a 747 to JFK on those same two days). I suspect that later they added JFK to the EWR run, but were probably not allowed to carry passengers just from EWR-JFK.
An amazing answer to a rather obscure question.....and you are correct!

TWA 298 operated LAS-EWR-JFK on Thursdays and Sundays only.

And TWA 57 operated JFK-EWR-LAS on Thursdays and Sundays only as well.

Equipment on both flights was a Boeing 707-320 with turbofan engines (B3J). I do not believe they could sell seats on the JFK-EWR and EWR-JFK segments.

No TWA 747 service in the Las Vegas-New York market in the late winter of 1976; however, TW also operated a daily round trip nonstop flight LAS-JFK with a Lockheed L-1011 "Tristar". And in addition, the airline operated a pair of three stop flights with either a B727-100 or B727-200 from LGA to LAS at this time. Routings were LGA-TUL-OKC-PHX-LAS and LGA-ORD-MCI-ABQ-LAS-SFO.

Thanks for the tip concerning the store in Marigot - we shall check it out with regard to their Bordeaux selection!

And with that, this is jlemon signing off for about two weeks.

Cheers everyone!

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