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Originally Posted by henkybaby View Post
I definitely have too many. I will try to spread the love over a couple of days...

Easter Island
Great colours here and a real feeling of being about mid level of the TCU clouds which are scattered around...not exactly sure why the very isolated small Cumulus clouds can develop into really skinny TCU here with the Cirrus (CI) cloud above but a nice picture and again a great perspective.

Between SYD and CHC (2x)
I just really like this one...a great perspective henkybaby , you seem to have a way of portraying being on the plane as it is climbing or descending through the cloud layers...brilliant.

I particularly like the very strong deep blues at the top and the varying shades of white and grey of the clouds...looks like some fairly stable Altocumulus below and a layer of Cirrostratus above.
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