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Excellent start to the thread Prospero Thanks!

Originally Posted by Prospero View Post
I recently found myself cloudstruck by these tower formations

20.05.12 BA0233 East of Moscow

20.05.12 BA0233 East of Moscow
In future, I won't comment on every picture people post but where there is something that hasn't been noted before or where there is something that is not obvious I'll hope comments will enhance the viewing!

In these photos we have really good examples of towering Cumulus...(in METAR and TAF they are abbreviated to TCU)...while we have had pictures of these the reason they have formed is more important...We still need the isolated pockets of moisture and vertical motion from some lower level of convection....however, what is causing that convection is new...previously the TCU in pictures was from mid latitudes along the these photos the location is the Russian landscape...which effectively acts as a big frying pan in hot Summer like conditions such as this week...(you can also get this over the Prairies of Canada or the US States East of the Rockies)...The Sun bakes down on the dark coloured soil and due to the warm temperatures of the late Spring acts as a hob for any air above this surface...creating the convective air cycles we need to develop this Cumulus to great vertical heights as we see here...the isolated pockets are where there is more moisture, likely from local sources of water such as rivers or lakes below...

More on landscape and moisture in the different types of air masses coming soon!

Great pics...
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