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Originally Posted by Jon X-Pacific View Post
Don't touch YVR-PVG/PEK unless you have to. I have yet to score one on YVR-PEK and seldom on YVR-PVG. My guess is that those are operated by 763s and have significantly less J seats avail., and the mainland Chinese market is not hesitant to fork out some paper (or plastic?) for J.
I have very different experience with YVR-PVG AC25/26. Was 100% (4 out of 4) success during my two years as E. As an SE this year, it was 100% (5 out of 5) so far, and it looks like an excellent shot for my 6th upgrade on 5/21 back to YVR. All from T+ fare. [update: got my 6th upgrade on AC26 5/21 - cleared at T-2]

Yes 763s have fewer J seats, but the YVR-PVG city pair is a smaller market. Percentage wise a 763 has same % of seats in J (relative to total # of seats) as a 77W.

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