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So yesterday evening I got an incoming call from an 800 number. Turns out it was UA, but not exactly the person I had expect to hear from; it was the excellent reservations agent who had vowed to remain on the phone with me until the GAs added me to the Upgrade List.

He basically told me that what happened at Denver so unacceptable, that he decided to research into the issue further with the help of one of his supervisors. It took them awhile, but they got together an official account of what happened and filed a 'case report' to their line managers.

In their report, they noted the following:
  • The GAs refused to identifies themselves.
  • I was not added to the Upgrade Standby List, against company policy.
  • The GAs refused to talk via telephone to a Reservations Supervisor.

In addition, they also found that:
  • The last seat in F was given to a non-rev "buddy pass"
  • There was an issue with another non-rev being given too high priority.

The reservation agent said that it is likely they actively refused trying to add me to the upgrade list because the GAs knew that doing so would result in the last F seat going as an Elite Upgrade rather than to the "buddy pass" passenger. Interestingly, this is the fact about my case that got the managers to agree to 'look into it further.'

Also, the agent said that ordinarily I would not have been contacted about this by someone in reservations, but he was so enraged that he wanted to give me an update--even if he would be reprimanded for doing so. He also said that I should expect a phone call from an official representative at UA, but that I should definitely keep the ball rolling even if I don't hear back, by contacting UA through other channels to ensure that my case is elevated to people "actually empowered to do something about this."

Supposedly I cannot contact anyone via phone, so today I'm going to write to Customer Relations/Care. Does any one have another contact at UA?


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