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Refreshment is now crew meal

May 2
If you want to say it's just refreshments and what's the big deal or you think
lying to customers is fine, please do not read this post.

On our flight UA 194 from LAX to SFO on May 2, the FAs not only didn't serve
refreshments but they ate those bananas and pop chips and claimed that those
were crew meal.

Before the merge, I got pre departure beverage in F on every single CO's
flight. Unlike pmUA, sometimes you got and sometimes you didn't. On UA 194,
we had very different treatment. The FAs were very happy but not to serve.
Instead of serving pre-departure beverage, they were happily chatting with
each other with a cup of coffee in hand at the galley. So everyone in F could
see they enjoyed their moment. We thought it would be different after we took off.

We were only served beverage during this flight although it should also
contain refreshments as I got them every time between LAX and SFO.
My seatmate and I both saw the FAs eating the bananas and pop chips
at the galley so we pressed the flight attendant call button. One male
flight attendant came and we asked about the refreshment. He just said
it had never been catered on this kind of short flight. Then, he asked me
what kind of refreshment I was talking about. I said those were bananas,
pop chips, and mix nuts. My seatmate and I both pointed to the female
FA who was eating those in the galley. The male FA just simply said those
were crew meal. (I had talked to several different FAs including pmCO's and
pmUA's that those were not crew meal and those should be the refreshments
to serve to F passengers.) My seatmate and I were both amazed about the
attitude from those FAs.

Before landing, one of the FAs who was also the one who ate those
refreshments at the galley put those pop chips and mix nuts into to her
bag. Wow......we just couldn't believe our eyes .........

I think UA should investigate about this. It's totally unacceptable especially lying to its customers.

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