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For some background info (as I'm not sure how much the various TB members normally follow the Marriott Forum.)

The Ritz Carlton brand (RC) is owned by Marriott. This makes the RC brand similar to the St. Regis brand for Starwood or possibly the Waldorf Astoria brand for Hilton. Toward the end of 2010, Marriott announced that RC would have its own Rewards program. Basically that Rewards program is the same as normal Marriott's Reward program, but with a "different" front end. Points are the same, earnings are the same and members can even switch between the two programs almost at will. The only major difference is that having an RC program allows them to target RC members with ads and promos differently than Marriott Rewards members.

If anyone wants to see any of the major RC threads in the Marriott forum, check out the RC section on the Marriott FAQ sticky thread. It has links to a number of the various discussion threads around the RC program and its relationship with the Marriott Rewards program.

With that said, we do tend to see from time to time questions concerning the RC program (due to a lack of understanding of what it is and its relationship to the Marriott program). Also, there is a Luxury Hotels forum that some could easily go there to ask about RC as some of RCs major competitors (i.e. Four Seasons) is listed there. Note that there is probably nothing wrong with someone asking a non-rewards RC question in the Luxury Hotel forum, but the Marriott/RC forum would definitely be a better place for any Rewards program questions.

By adding RC to the Marriott forum title, it could help direct persons to the correct forum for questions about the RC program.

I did entertain for a bit the thought of suggesting an RC "sub-forum" under Marriott's program. But while there are some questions/comments/posts specficly concerning the RC program, there aren't necessarily a lot of those (as compared to the Marriott specific volume of posts) and the answers to most questions is "its just like the regular Marriott program." So given there isn't a lot of specific RC only traffic and most of the answers tend to be the same for both programs, my thoughts are that a sub-forum would be too much.

So to keep things simple a possible name for this forum might be "Marriott and Ritz Carlton Rewards".
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