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Originally Posted by HongKonger View Post
OP, how do you know your SWU was properly coded? More often than not they are improperly coded.

Also, how were there comp UGs on a TATL?

Yet another example of why I never buy an M fare unless the Z upgrade is available at time of purchase and why I always ask for the ticket to be reissued at the time of purchase.
Well, I can only guess that they were properly coded: Z was waitlisted as a separate line before the confirmed flight, the DM upgrade was listed as usual to the right of the confirmed flight on the domestic portion.

There are no comp UG on a TATL as far as I know, I was referring to the domestic "feeder" portion (and I got the domestic upgrade).

Yeah, it was even higher than M, BEERT9, I think, the fully changeable/refundable B fare. A ticket I got a while ago and changed a few times. I would prefer not to buy a YBM either unless Z is confirmed right away, but sometime you have to do what you have to do, no choice.
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