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Sounds like you got hosed. I doubt there were nine or ten diamonds on upgradable fares ahead of you... and I don't think there are any others upgrade priorities that could be ahead of you (unless the people in the back were on business fares without seat assignments, but I don't think that's the case).

In an oversell situation, the passengers confirmed in Y but on the upgrade list should be processed first before op-ups. Usually this list is very small or even non-existent, because it can typically only be Platinum or Diamonds on eligible fares using SWUs.

Have you written Delta yet?
No, I have not written DL yet. Don't really do that very often. I guess I should in case something was indeed wrong (and I think it really was GA'a fault, was lazy or, more likely, upgraded those who should not have been. For whatever reason).

Somewhat off the original topic, I was really surprised by several things on this flight. DL was normally flying 764 with flat beds on this route, but now it is an old 763!! For the last month or so. And this is a longer flight which usually has good paid J loads! What is the logic? They are flying the new planes on much shorter routes to Europe (like FRA, MAD, BCN, etc.)

I usually fly in business, and on many different airlines, but end up in coach every now and then too. Have not been in DL's Y for a while. Boy, it is really minimalistic! The food is pretty much not edible, the seats are not very comfortable at all, even in EC, and the service is really underwhelming. Would be nice to get at least a couple of rounds of water on a 10 hr flight. Not even that! I guess, it is normal these days, but I thought DL was tooting their horn about great Q1 performance, but how did it manage that? Definitely not through their customer care! I should have bought a cheapest T ticket and tipped a GA, and being a DM would have gotten an OP-UP easily!
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