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1K involuntary bumped ! fair compensation ?

This sunday (530 pm)I was returning to NY/lga on a 25000 ow reward ticket from MSY(jazz fest)
I shoulda realized there might be a problem when i checked in, online earlier in the day , and there was no seat available (but having status for 4 th consecutive year , i didnt think i had to worry about much)
I got to the airport about 70 minutes before departure and went to check in desk to get seat , and was told Id get one at the gate.
Sunday leaving New Orleans/Jazz fest is a madhouse , I got to the gate and there were about a dozen people in line waiting to talk to gate agent . I waited , and was told my name will be called(didnt want to bother agents ) . now i was worried ... I knew this basically was last chance to get to NY , being so late . I called 1k desk , they said was nothing could do , because gate agent had me under there control.

I sat patiently , knowing gate agents were dealing with a mess , I heard no call for volunteers for later flight ... next thing i know , im seeing flight pull back from gate .

so I sat there(made a few calls to 1k desk trying to get on any flight)
now about 715 pm they call my name , I am given 610 $ check , voucher for crappy hotel and 20$ food voucher and put on the next morning flight to Newark(middle seat) . was i fairly treated ?? im not neccesarily looking for more compensation but , I though I would of got a little more respect .

my main problem is this
being 1K , i thought the least they would do is offer me a choice to take bump

what can a flier with status do to protect themselves from happening?
and is this supposed to happen to a flyer with status ?

( i know i shoulda picked a seat when i booked flight, was caught up in festivities)

not that its Uniteds problem , but I had to answer to a ( irrational GF) and it also screwed up my work on Monday since wasnt available to work until early afternoon Monday

any thoughts appreciated , i did some searches , but not clear

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