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Originally Posted by greatstar
I have problem buying AA virtual gift card,
anyone else have the same problem ?
You're not from New Jersey, are you? NJ passed a new Gift Card law, when it kicks in, causes issues for GC issuers concerning record keeping for gift cards. GC issuers have reacted by ending NJ sales. The AA transaction may have gone through, was checked, and then was reversed, undoing the sale.

Why the record keeping? NJ passed a law, like 28 other states, forcing the GC issuers to give the money on unused GC's to the state. In NJ, it's 2 years after inactivity. If the card does finally get used, the GC issuer can get the money back from the state. To resolve some other issues, NJ is forcing the collection of address data at the POS.

If you're not from NJ, we return you to your regularly scheduled thread, but if your state decides to use the NJ law to model their own, this issue may be coming your way as states try and find ways to get more cash
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