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Originally Posted by JDiver View Post
Whilst I am off soon in the land of aconnectivity, at this point may I strongly suggest we keep it less OMNI and more on topic? Regardless of the source, this may be an idea worth entertaining, and it does seem to have at least one positive precursor and possible model.

Moderator hat off, but close at hand.

I was about to make the same comment. We are missing the point if we talk about NYT

NYT is a sore point for conservatives (myself included) but this article per se has NOTHING to do with being a conservative or liberal

The goal here, which I support TREMENDOUSLY, is to create a LOBBY group or a ADVOCACY group of elite fliers who are opposed to the AMR-LCC merger

Simple as that. NO OTHER AGENDA

Here should be the "Constitution" or goals of this organization

PROPOSED NAME: American Freedom!


1. Put pressure on Creditor Committees and the BK Judge to let AMR emerge independent

2. Oppose LCC takeover during the bankruptcy process

3. Oppose LCC even having a say in AMR affairs during the BK process

4. Make ourselves heard in the media with a consistent point of view opposing the merger


1. Must have been an AAdvantage Member with some level of Elite Standing for 2012, achieved in 2011: Concierge, EXPLAT, PLAT or GOLD.

2. Cannot be a OW elite. Dilutes our advocacy group

3. The reason for having elite status is that it takes away to a large extent any shills that LCC may try to get on our group

That is the reason that we want elites who qualified for their current status in 2011, to eliminate any proxies that LCC pushes through elite status right now via PLAT challenge etc

4. Cannot comment on any Union negotiations with AMR. This will prevent an ideological split between pro and anti union people and will keep us united

5. CAN comment on Union negotiations with LCC, as they are focused on merger with LCC, which we all oppose ("we" here being members of this group)

6. No politics. No comments about Obama, Bush etc. Again, go with what unites us, which is our dislike of LCC


1. With the rules in place above, I feel that we will meet the Ts & Cs of FT as well as Milepoint and others and thus we should ask super moderators to help set us up as a sub-group of FT-AA

2. Facebook page (I can help set it up)

3. Twitter (I can help set it up)

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