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Originally Posted by nypdLieu View Post
Pictures people! Before acting in an aggressive manner to rid your space of the offensive feet, please snap a picture to post on here. maybe the mods will allow a sticky!
You quoted my post but we were all but aggressive in dealing w the pax on her way to rehab. MrWeezer has encountered enough messed up pax in his day, his instinct was spot on...she'll pass out eventually, not worth escalating and having the flight cancelled (turning back to the gate, investigating, removing her, removing her bags, yadda, yadda, yadda the crew times out). In fact, my initial response was to confront her...one look & he said, she's so messed up, this won't last long, let's just be sure the crew is aware of her & acts accordingly. As usual, he was right, she passed out.

But to your point, next time I'll try to snap a photo. In this case, a recording would have been classic...she seemed to call everybody in her contact list, alternating griping in English & German, prior to departure.
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