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This is inexcusable. It's one thing for a pilot or someone in the cockpit to spice up their tea with a little rum, but to allow someone to put their feet on another person's seat??

I once nodded off in flight and awoke to find my forehead planted into the seat of the person in front of me. As someone who hates to recline and impose on others' space (much less be reclined into), I was mortified to find myself in someone else's space. I would have apologized profusely, but they were asleep and seemed (thankfully) to have not noticed.

The worst thing I have ever been guilty of was rolling over onto the person in the seat next to me (thankfully also asleep!) while in coach on a SLC-ATL red eye. I have not slept on a plane since, as I am scared to death what a person who usually sleeps on their stomach could be guilty of when attempting to sleep on their back in an uncomfortable airplane seat!
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