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Question I don't understand the BA board as well

Originally Posted by A_Lee View Post
I just had a look over there, and left with a very bad impression. Don't think I'll be back. I simply wanted to learn what my soon to be BA Gold card will get me in terms of status. Had a look at their "dashboard", but for the life of me couldn't find any thread linked there that summarizes anything about status. Unbelievable, or maybe I'm just blind. I would think learning about status would be one of the most important things.

Ok, so I clicked on "The Ultimate Guide to all things British Airways", thinking maybe there would be some useful information there. But being I'm a complete newbie who knows absolutely nothing about BA, I quickly determined it was not written at all with newbies in mind, seeing terms such as, "BA Club World", but no place is there any mention of what that even is. Perhaps I'm just impatient, being this BA status is being thrown at me without being asked, and I don't really want to find out everything about BA. I just want to know enough so I might be able to better use what I'll be receiving.

In my opinion it sure would be nice if someone could write a Newbie's Guide To BA for BMI Members, and post it here, so that we could understand quickly and easily what we have, and ask some basic questions without having to deal with all the issues on that board. I realize though that most members here are likely British and so are probably already much more familiar with BA than someone such as myself who doesn't live there and never flies BA or even OW.

I spent a good amount of time on their "guide" and left more confused then when I went in. As an American I am surprised how different two the two British airline forums can be. I think most of you all would be much more happy in the VS forum!! Though I have to say, the BA group does seem to be well traveled.
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