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Exclamation UA Can Improve IRROPs Handling By Allowing Last Seat Availability for Reaccomodation

Currently delayed at IAH "awaiting inbound aircraft" to head out to LAX and then onto HNL.

On the way to the airport tripit sent over a txt informing me of the delay (and FWIW they beat UA by ~12m ) and I called into res to see what could be done.

The res agent tried to help but seemed to be more concerned about making sure my original fare class (G) was available rather than rebooking me on a flight.

I commented how this stemmed from a UA issue, and as such, the issue seemed to be more so if there was a seat or not in Y *NOT* if there was a seat in G.

(Now of course if I had wanted to make a voluntary change to the record I could certainly understand the need to keep me in G (or pay up to a higher fare) but in the case of IRROPs I firmly believe UA should adopt the industry standard of allowing last seat availability to accommodate customers.)

But the rep was adamant G was required and she, nor a supervisor could override it, even while acknowledging it was a UA issue! <sigh>

Furthermore as a point of comparison both AA and DL adhere to the practice of allow last seat availability during IRROPs as did pmUA.

In fact, DL has a very slick self-service IRROPs tool via the website/iPhone/android/kisoks where customers who have a delay of more than X minutes (10 IIRC) can select alternative flights and airports, finalize their rebooking, collect their new boarding docs and be on their way.

But anyways if it is the policy of UA then they need to quickly revisit it and revise it to be more in line with the far more consumer friendly industry standard, and if they do allow last seat availability for IRROPs, then res agents need to be empowered to use it to resolve issues.
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