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I thank you for that reply, for welcoming me to the BA board, and for your brief description of the status benefits BA Gold will receive. As for the link you provided, I already had seen that and had skimmed over the text. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no mention of the status benefits that I see. No mention of lounge access, priority luggage, luggage allowance, fast track, priority check-in, etc. Those are what I'm interested in. What I get if traveling with BA, what I get if traveling with OW, if there are important differences, etc. In short, I'd like to have one detailed post that talks about status benefits, as opposed to strictly how to earn some status. I doubt I'll renew my BA Gold, being I don't fly OW, so couldn't care less about what are the requirements for each tier. But being I've already got (will get) the card, it'd be a shame to not use it at all. So I'm figuring I'll force a few OW flights in order to check out some OW F lounges, etc., with probably the HKG OW F lounge being the most likely.

If I was planning to be a OW frequent flyer, I'd probably spend the time to go over all the materials and learn as much as I could about the program. Being I'll only dabble in OW briefly, a newbie's guide would be the most helpful for me.
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