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Spaceseat: not great for shorties IME

I just flew TT in an outer PE seat on the 773, and I have to be honest, I didn't like it that much, and probably would not choose the Spaceseat long haul, and Placeboguy felt the same way. I'm shortish (164cm--about 5'4") and so is he (maybe 2 cm/1" taller than me), and I found I could not get both my back and my legs comfortable--due to short legs I found it hard to make my back comfortable (I couldn't get it back against the seat because my femurs are too short), and the drop from the seat to the floor was a bit long for my legs--and nowhere in an outer seat to put my feet UP to solve the problem. I also did not think the recline was great, and think I would struggle to sleep in that seat for any length of time.

SOME of these problems could have been solved with an extra pillow or beanbag, and certainly I would choose PE over economy (especially on the 773!!). I also think that some of these issues would not be so much of a problem in the centre seats where there would be space and the opportunity to put my feet up while travelling with Placeboguy.

The real issue, though (as with so many seats) is that I am too short to sit comfortably, and that Placeboguy, who normally isn't, also found this uncomfortable. To be clear, I think it would be fine for anyone taller than us (or maybe I just didn't figure out how to use the damn seat to my best advantage), but for a shorty like me: I'd rather fly the 772.
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