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Originally Posted by kipper View Post
If you don't mind sharing, why have you opted not to be an organ and tissue donor?
I'd be happy to debate this in more length in OMNI/PR, but in really short form:
1) I've got too many ethical qualms about how the medical community applies the criteria for "death" and "brain death" in organ donation, and the accompany risk (though very small) of accelerating my own death. This would apply to any tissue donation done before full cardiac death.

2) My impression is that most forms of tissue donation are done after full cardiac death, but unlike blood donation (which is lifesaving, and well-regulated), many of these products are less clearly lifesaving and represent a less clearly well-regulated, for-profit industry.

Similarly, I'd like to think I'd have the strength to refuse a non-live organ donation even if lifesaving, and I've actually been in a position to frustrate my doctor by saying I would not accept a human tissue product where she thought it would be better for surgery than using an autologous graft.

Neither of these objections apply to a close family member for whom I might be a match needed a live donation (kidney or liver lobe,) nor blood donation, nor bone marrow donation.
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