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anyone got 5k miles from mci promo for callingcard only

hi guys...

i signed up for mci-callingcard 5000 miles promotion using http://www.mciworldcom.com/united . i never received any of the 1000 miles per month, but the regular miles (5 per $ spend) post fine.

i called mci cs at least 10 times already. it is just a mess. csr keep telling me

1. "there is no promo like that..."
2. you only get 5k miles promo when you sign up for long distance..."
3. "this offer is for non-us-residents only..."

as i read the rules, terms and conditions there is nothing in that promo where you have to sign up for long distance or be a non-us-resident. btw... how can a non-us-resident sign up for long distance????

anyway... did anyone get 5k miles for just signing up for the calling card or anyone have any idea what to do?


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