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As someone who has been burned twice by MCI mileage promotions, here is what I've found to be the standard operating procedures for collecting any MCI promotional miles:

1. Take advantage of the offer, as advertised.

2. Wait for your miles to post.

3. They won't.

4. Call their customer service office and politely complain. Make a note of who you talked to and when. This will be challenging, as you may be told to call a string of different phone numbers before someone finally accepts your complaint.

5. Wait for your miles to post.

6. They won't.

7. Send an e-mail to MCI customer service, politely complaining that your miles haven't posted.

8. Receive an e-mail from MCI customer service, telling you to call their customer service office.

9. Repeat steps 4, 5, and 6.

10. Write a letter to MCI headquarters, complaining about the fact that the miles haven't posted, a little less politely and a little more edgy.

11. Receive a phone call from a customer service representative, politely and sympathetically -- but firmly -- denying that the promotion you claim to have enrolled in ever took place.

12. Scour your personal files for hours until, by a pure miracle, you come across some shred of documentation that the promotion really did exist

13. Send the documentation to MCI headquarters, the Better Business Bureau, your local consumer protection agency, and your state attorney general's office, along with a record of all the phone calls and e-mails you've made, and an angry demand that your miles be posted and that a substantial monetary credit be made to your account for all the trouble you've gone through.

14. Accept MCI's offer of some modest credit to your bill, in lieu of the miles you were promised.

15. Kiss the miles goodbye.

And this is when things go WELL...

Seriously, I've learned to (a) never accept mileage offers over the telephone, since they cannot be documented and can be easily denied, and (b) maintain a copy of the written promotional material for any offer you do accept.
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