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Just wanted to share my experience.

At united.com I saw "Mileage Balance expires on 3/31/2012".
At mileageplusshopping.com I clicked iTunes on 3/20/2012 and bought a song.*
At mileageplusshopping.com on 3/31/2012 it showed the transaction but with status "Pending".
At united.com on 3/31/2012 the mile hadn't showed up yet -- a bit of a worry.

Fast forward to yesterday and today.
At mileageplusshopping.com on 4/9/2012 it showed the transaction status "Confirmed".
At united.com on 4/10/2012 the mile was there, and added to the previous balance.

So it worked fine for me (even though I shoulda bought the song sooner for peace of mind).

I'm also using the mileageplusshopping.com browser search toolbar and got a few miles that way.

* I had a gift card balance in my iTunes account which also mighta screwed me up (by not letting me spend a dollar via the mileageplusshopping.com click-thru). I addressed that issue by just creating a second iTunes account.
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