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Originally Posted by stylo4444 View Post
I have never been upgraded at the Lakeshore other than a Spectacular room which is just the same Wonderful room on the other side facing the lake or on a higher floor. I don't know how many suites the Lakeshore has, but I do know that both hotels see a lot of events taking place, the Lakeshore has always had a wedding every time I have been over there. The City Center does have less than 10 suites true, but I've been upgraded over there. Everyone has their own experiences, but it's interesting how they vary as mine was the complete opposite of yours. I personally have found the City Center Welcome desk and Concierge staff to be among the best of all W's, and I have stayed at plenty of them around the country.

Best of luck next time, hope you're able to score an upgrade...the Lakeshore might have more of an opportunity for a suite upgrade since it has more suites as you say but I have found that the City Center takes better care of Platinum guests.
Well, I'd had a long conversation with the FDM on Saturday, and wrote an in-depth note both praising and pointing out gaps to the GM of both properties, which was received with both grace and appreciation. I plan to be back in Chicago in ~6 weeks, and since the W's are equidistant from my office in the Mart, I intend to sample them both out again.

One question - where are the suites located in City Centre? If there is one reason I'd not stay there again, it is noise. The "upgrade" I got there to a Fabulous room from a Spectacular put me in the "Courtyard", where I got to listen to the below dumpsters getting deposits of large, heavy, and loud items between 10PM and midnight. At least in a Spectacular room at Lakeshore, one is generally high enough, and without a facing building to reverberate noise, that sleep can be peaceful.
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