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MCI Solicitation - Badmouthing Sprint

I just got an unsolicated call from MCI. The rep said that they noticed that I switched away from MCI, would give me 10k CO OnePass miles to switch back. I said no, and he asked, why?

I told him that Sprint offered me 25k miles NorthWest WorldPerks miles and that why would I take only 10k miles and switch back to MCI? He tried to tell me that OnePass miles are better than WorldPerks miles and that is why they dropped NorthWest a little while ago! (Being a very Frequent traveler, I know the differences between WorldPerks and OnePass and they are minor, afterall, they are in a very, very tight alliance)

Then, armed with information from all of you here at FlyerTalk, I asked him why he didn't offer me 25k miles with OnePass? He tried to say that program didn't exist at first, then realized that I knew what I was talking about. He then said:
Sprint copied us with the 25k promotion, we are a better company than them, and I would of offered you the 25k bonus as well, but I'm just not going to - you stick with Sprint and see what happens!
I know that this isn't indicative of the whole company - just very interesting how this one rep. acted.
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