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Short answer - no it should be fine - same 'metal', same ship, even though they are different PNRs - We CAN actually work up to three PNRs at the same time which is why I suggest that people let ME do the combination 'one award one paid' ticket - after all, I can do it all in one fell swoop, including but not limited to matching up EXACT flights and doing the seat assignments.

It can take me 3 minutes to do what some people 'fight' with for ages on line and if I make a mistake, ( ie one person is leaving at 9 am and I've popped the other person on the 9 PM flight, and YES, it does happen) I can correct it in seconds - perhaps without you even knowing it!

It's a small percentage of the ticket price, and I happen to think it's worth the price of saving YOU time and aggravation, and making a smoother trip for you in the end.
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