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Originally Posted by lkar View Post
If mods want to merge it is ok with me, but while I like all the advice about timeshares and the dining pan I hope the original question doesn't get lost. It is how to buy disney giftcards for a cruise or resort stay and do better than the 2x that you get if you just pay directly with chase sapphire. I think that is a milesbuzz question, but of course defer to the mods where it belongs.
I agree it's a MB topic, not a CC topic.

Just thinking outside the box, and haven't tried it. What about buying eBay GC's via staples/OM/OD with chase ink bold for 5x points, and buying Disney points and GC's from eBay? Not sure, but if you could buy those eBay GC's via the UR portal, via staples, then you'd get 9x points. Don't know and haven't tried it though.
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