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Originally Posted by StayingHomeIsBetter View Post
It is interesting to see how many folks are just focusing on Part A, the revenue-based qualification.

Are you equally sanguine about the prospects of having to shell out 2x or 3x what is currently required for award ticket redemptions?
There are two major issues here, and different people have different issues. For those of us who live outside the US, the domestic upgrade program isn't a big deal. If AA or UA better served the places in the US that I need to fly most often, I would have selected them as a primarily international flyer, since there are so many issues with international upgrades on DL. For those who fly almost 100% domestically, ST E+ lounge access (crucial for me) isn't worth much and it's all about the upgrades. Thus, there's a lot of competing interests around here.

The thing that baffles me is FTers who aren't up in arms about a massive decrease in the value of their miles. We're probably the most savvy group around when it comes to using miles, and we know that SkyMiles have great value if you are willing to put in some work. Even those who aren't using them now may want to use them in the future (after retiring, once they have kids, to help out family members), and FBATR might make it easier to spend miles, but I can't see how it will do anything but require a massive amount of miles if you want to leave North America.

Originally Posted by TheMadBrewer View Post
They don't even need to mention the rumor, all the need to say is "status earned in 2012 under the current rules will be honored in 2013"

I won't be happy if the program changes along the lines of the "rumor" but if they announce sometime this year what the earning and redemption rules will be next year, then I can make a rational decision.

Because they seem unwilling to say even thet -- and given their past track record -- I fear they are going to make drastic changes mid-year.
+1 DL has a history of mid-year changes that are unfavorable to passengers. DL wouldn't have to come in here and say anything, but it would be nice if they updated the medallion program manual to state clearly that the criteria for earning status are only changed at the start of a program year based on notification some amount of time (three months?) in advance of the start of the program year. UA's communication about the changes to their elite program as they went through the merger seemed clear and done well in advance. Unfortunately, I don't anticipate that DL will even come close to that and we'll have mid-year announcements of changes after it's too late for people to switch programs.
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