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You know, a relatively simple search online would lead to a person or persons that are/were part of the project(s) and will allow elaborating other parts of the project, such as replatforming, Customer Score Value, non-flight revenue, segmentation and other "goodies" :-|

If you will begin to link the dots it will be clear the project's roots go back to 2010 and involve other offline steps that has been vested for a while. I think some $#!t may hit the fan... (pardon my French) . DL does not allocate few dozen employees and contractors to a project without a reason.

Again, I just truly hope that delta will depart from its service 'record' and recall that changes in the middle of the 'game', retroactive changes and short notice changes are NOT ALLOWED on customers relations (finger wagging included). Why don't DL decide to have fresh start in customer communication? honesty, try that one. It may actually work sometimes

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