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Originally Posted by StayingHomeIsBetter View Post
Bubba, Thank goodness Jeff has you to protect his delicate sensibilities. And, I understand your opinion that DL management avoids this forum because of its hostile tone.

Some samplings of your diatribes... and I only had to go back about 3 days:

I can't speak for others, but you have no credibility with me when it comes to qualifications for filling in for Emily Post.
StayingHomeIsBetter: what if I told you that many DL execs that I meet, once they hear I participate in FT they say first, "but you seem so normal" then after that ice breaker they ask if I know you or know what your 'story' is?

Apparently many, many people at DL read your posts. (You have a memorable handle). But they don't engage you, doesn't that say something? Possibly about the tone of your posts?
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