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The whole story is here : http://www.jetairways.com/EN/IN/Pres...spx?tcid=9wfan

And can I say Oh. My. God. Jet have made yet another hash of it.

Basically, Jet will be 9W and Konnect will be S2. Except when Konnect is 9W. Because Konnect may be S2 or it may be 9W. Or it may be Kermit the frog.

All they're doing is supposedly reducing customer confusion that no longer existed (Jet remain confused, unlike the customers) by excising the word Lite. Then they're increasing confusion even more by splitting Konnect across two codes.

If after all this time and effort and an oddly last-minute announcement, the best they could come up with only perpetuates the schizophrenic mess they are, then they shouldn't have bothered.

What are they going to achive by simply removing the word 'Lite'? They're not addressing the core cause of their troubles : the peddling of low fares for a tackier-than-Ryanair product at high cost.

This is worse than the old wine new bottle nonsense Air India used to trot out.
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