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Friendly reminder, scan a copy of your paper certs and mail them in with a delivery and/or signature confirmation.

Two post merger examples.

1. Friend mailed his in, didn't do the above. 3 weeks have passed, not ticketed yet (travel in may). UA will find it, or he is out his entire cert

2. Mailed mine in early last week, they received it at the end of the week but phone agent "entered it wrong in the system" and they are not sure if they will try and process it again or mail it back to me. The issue had something to do with putting the reservation/fare on hold for 2 weeks. Second agent said it should not be done like that, and there is something they do internally to avoid that since tickets are processed based on travel date. If something is for travel many months away, they will not necessarily ticket it within 2 weeks --
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