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Originally Posted by N_Phoenix View Post
So I decided to do the freeze with Experian and it was easy to do online. If you don't answer the usual credit history questions correctly, then they will request you send it in via mail.

What I didn't expect was to received a letter in the mail stating that they have removed my name from preapproved credit offers for the next 5 years. I don't want that. So I called them and they said the removal from prescreened offers is part of the freeze, which I didn't see or missed. They won't even talk about it unless I get a credit report.
Try calling or looking at this website to see if you can get back in on the prescreened offers: 1-888-5-OPTOUT or visiting

Thanks for the data point though, it's unfortunate that they do this automatically. Although if you're doing it for security purposes, I can understand the logic behind experian doing this.
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