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Any more sweeps?

I contacted US Airways about whether there will be more sweeps. And their reply is as below. I finally got my 800flower hit after fighting with them. Hopefully I will still be able to get the last hit. What do you guys think?

Thank you for contacting US Airways.

Miles are awarded for every 4 hits earned and our records show that you
have 39 hits, as of the last Grand Slam review. The last date that
activity from a qualifying partner can be received by US Airways for
bonus miles consideration is February 24, 2012, regardless of the
Eligible Activity Date for such activity.

Please contact 1-800 -Flowers directly concerning your missing mileage
credit at or call 1-800-Flowers

Any other qualifying activity added after this date will continue to be
reviewed and bonus miles will be posted every other week until March 28,

Thank you for participating in our Grand Slam promotion 2011. We look
forward to assisting you with any future needs.


US Airways Dividend Miles

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