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While all this cavetching is entertaining....

...sort of, I want to stray from the pack and share my experiences since 3/3/12.

First, my two accounts merged perfectly - life time miles were correct, all itineraries moved, seat assignments intact, I flew on 3/4 to LA, flight was on time, flight back on 3/7 upgrade cleared 3 days out. Outbound flight posted in 24 hours, return flight I had to email to get credit after 5 days, flight posted the following day. Took a trip last weekend on miles, both flights on time, sampled PS F from JFK to SFO, JFK staff terrific, crew was great, food good, wine excellent. So far, so good, next trip is Monday down and back to LA, already upgraded on the return flight.

I have observed the PMUA employees struggling with the new system - being a career HR person, from my perspective it seems to be a mix of them being trained in a hurry, with little time for them to practice, combined with a little resistance (well, maybe more than a little...) to change by the PMUA airport and res staff. I'm not an IT guy, and can't say if one system was technically superior to the other, however from a customer user perspective I found the PMCO system/website adequate, and actually like that it ended up the surviving system. Every UA employee I've encountered since 3/3 has been good humored about the changes, and genuinely interested in supporting the customers.

Just about every airline's frequent flyer program has reduced the number of benefits/raised the mileage reward levels in the past 10 years. And yes, everything is for sale, and upsells are everywhere, jet fuel is $3.30/gallon, and these are for profit organizations, they need to find ways to drive revenue to stay viable. The airline business models we all used to love 10 years ago are not economically feasible today, however inspite of that I think we all still get some decent perks.

I believe the hassle stories I've read, and perhaps I'm living in a fool's paradise, but so far, so good in terms of my experiences.

The Flyertalk UA MileagePlus forum has become darkly negative since 3/3. It's getting to the point where it isn't enjoyable to read. I remember the days on the old CO forum when people planned Do's, we had weekend events at the airport, etc. I hope that camaraderie comes back eventually.
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