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Originally Posted by sim510 View Post
Just made the call on the back of my 1K MM card. The call started out with recordings, and then I said "agent" a couple of times and finally got put into the agent cue.... call was answered with a minute!!! Could not believe it happened so fast.

Anyway, I asked that my husband's status be matched (MM designee from January) and she was able to do it right away. I know the discussion has been what sort of status match we'd be seeing......would it be star gold, or would it be the exact level I current have.... Great result... he's now 1K... !! His new card will be coming after we return from Europe, but at least he shows 1K in the system now.

Just had to report the good news.
I'm surprised your husband got 1K status. According to UA, 1MM could confer gold status; 2MM, platinum; 3MM, 1K; and 4MM, GS.

If you are a 1MM, it should have been gold status.
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