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Just to update, I used the mobile pass on my return trip home last week from Las Vegas to IAD. I was about to hold it up for the Id checker in Vegas but she pointed at the scanner, so I used that instead. She looked at the screen, at my ID, and sent me on my way. It took about 2 seconds - wayyy less than the silly artwork-on-paper ID checking method.

It was also fun going "boop" at the gate and looking oh-so-technological. The only problem I had was the gate at my connection in Denver because the scanner was broken. But the gate agent just typed in my info and away I went.

Off topic, but I also encountered the friendliest gate agent ever, in Denver. He was laughing and jovial and gave most of the women passengers a brief hug as we entered the jetway. Didn't get his name, but this was on United. Go figure!
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