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Just finishing this itinerary. What a nightmare.

At the end, no charge showed up on my credit card for the co-pays. The flight was confirmed hence if there's a co-pay it should have been charged. (Reminder, I'm 1k and tried to upgrade BF to HNL via RPU/CR1 pre3/3 and got shot down so used miles). I thought all was well and good, the system realized the agents were wrong and I didn't need to pay the co-pay. We even leave on the outbound flight confirmed using the miles, no issues. On the day of return from HNL, someone claiming to be from the HNL airport calls us asking for credit card number to charge the full co-pay. Not only is this bad business practice (how do I know it's not a phishing scheme?) but they wanted the co-pay for both directions, including the outbound flight I already took.

I spent all afternoon on my last day at HNL on the phone trying to fix this. If the rules are the rules and I owe a co-pay that's fine, but folks here have reported no co-pay, and nobody wants to get fleeced. The phone agents at least tried to be helpful. The HNL-EWR flight was showing R9, so I asked to switch it to a RPU/CR1. After the phone agent insisted twice (speaking for a service director) that I can't use a RPU/CR1 for BF, I asked her to check the website. She came back saying "my gosh you're right! I wish they tell us correct information in our training". Lovely. That took 2 hours. I make the switch, losing the EWR-BOS confirmed F seat in the process but I learned at least you can switch instruments if there's R space.

I thought that was it, but I log in to find out they didn't pull a RPU, but pulled a GPU. Back to the phones / (soon disappearing?) 1kvoice.

And, the F seat I lost on EWR-BOS, they were trying to upsell me online for $175, ha. And even though I'm 1k and using a GPU/RPU, my name didn't show up on the waitlist and nobody could fix it (tried 3 times). The only seat left was the seat I gave up switching from miles + copay to GPR/RPU.

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