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Some progress.... on my own anyway.

After no partner showing any availability all day today to replace the disappeared flights on my route, a couple of hours ago the original CA flights popped up as available again. I assume CA took back my reserved flights since they were never ticketed, and then they re-released them..... or something. In any case I was able to recreate the itinerary from scratch so I booked a new ticket, canceled the old screwed up reservation and am now AGAIN waiting for it to ticket. Only been 2 hours so far.

One thing interesting. I just noticed the "Why wont my reservation ticket?? thread (wish I had seen that earlier). In this post the poster mentions a scenario where a "schedule change" immediately after booking causes credit card data to be deleted from the reservation. Don't know if there is merit to that in my case but both times I booked this ticket, immediately after booking, first time I went back to view the reservation, it gave me the ol' schedule change warning and said one of the TG flights had changed like 15 minutes, click here to accept. First time I did click to accept the insignificant schedule change. This time I did not as per the post in the other thread. To soon to tell if it makes any difference.
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