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Happened to me too. Purchased nice multi city award itinerary on CO on 2/28 and received confirmation email. On 3/3 just out of curiosity checked on the new merged website and noted only 1 leg (2nd leg) of the 3 leg trip was showing. When I called in the CSR said this one leg was all that was ticketed- he said it was showing confirmed. I noted that no miles had been deducted from my account and my cc had not been charged (even though the email confirmation on 2/28 showed this). I was able to pick up the missing segments at the same cost in miles (although now slightly more in taxes because of the dropped segment). Now when I go to see my itineraries online legs 1 and 3 show ticketed and confirmed-with receipt visible and corresponding miles deducted but leg 2 is now gone. Again I called in and the agent told me it says "default" on my ticket and also remarked that she had never seen that term before. She then told me that since my flight is still several weeks out she had been told to instruct callers to call back in a couple of weeks as they were only helping people out who were flying in the next 72 hours. This particular leg is on a partner airline. How should I proceed on this one?
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